The Colour of My Emotions

I recently completed a painting I titled “Once upon an autumn in Kazabazua”. This painting took shape in the weeks following the passing of my one year old grandson. Needless to say, my emotional state was significantly altered from my usual bubbly happiness.

I was in the process of completing my painting “The tree of life”, which is a tribute to the courage and positivity displayed by a beautiful baby boy who knew primarily pain and discomfort since birth. Yet, James found a way to smile and interact with his parents and the caregivers that surrounded him.

Forgive my digression... I was saying that I was in the midst of completing the painting I had created for my grandson, when I began my subsequent painting of the lake in Kazabazua, Quebec.

As I put paint to canvas, I realized that my customary palette of colours had changed rather dramatically. My palette was suddenly subdued with a combination of sorrow for what was lost; inspiration for the strength of character it took to survive this last year; and the promise of healing that could already be felt. I let my composition continue to evolve with no censure from my rational self, observing the gradual denouement of my final creation. Although the completed painting bears little resemblance to my usual use of bright colours, I am left with a certain satisfaction for my ability to openly express my emotions through my art.

To me, “Once upon an autumn in Kazabazua” represents a peaceful place where one can go to rest, reinvent and just be. It is a reflection of inner peace and serenity.

It certainly is a very public bearing of my soul; and it is with this in mind that I humbly present my latest creation.


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