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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Funny how a fork in the road can change your outlook and perspective on life...

In November of 2019, I found myself unexpectedly facing early retirement. I had spent years caring for my three children and working for the rail industry. The world was suddenly a much larger place and I found myself navigating unknown territory.

In the past, although I hid it well, self conscious and shy, I lacked the confidence to move forward. Like most people, I had my share of obstacles and heartache to overcome. I looked forward with anticipation to a time where only my imagination would limit my creativity. Responding to an innate desire to create, I aspired to a time I could dive into the waters of my imagination, living the life I was meant to live.

That was yesterday... Today, I am living that life. I had planned on having a showing of my art this fall, however COVID 19 has rewritten history for me, and for everyone else on the planet. Once again the road has diverged!

It's time to improvise, adapt and overcome! As I was writing this phrase, I was Googling the concept, only to discover that this phrase which I thought was original, was already largely being used by the Marine Corps. Nevertheless, this expression is apt and apropos for the times we are living.

So, this is me.... Welcome to my website. This site is a testament to my life lived in colour.

Be happy and live your life purposefully.


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