About the artist

A colourful journey...

Debbie Halliday has always been drawn to creative arts, be it painting, quilting, or any other project that she sets her imagination to. She started painting in her early 30's, taking various courses to learn and discover new techniques. When her three children were still toddlers, she attended Lasalle College to study fashion design; and she briefly designed and produced a children's line of clothing while staying at home to care for her children.


Her style, mainly self taught, can best be described as flamboyant and colourful. She delights in the freedom and utter joy she derives from simply applying layers of bright paint to the blank canvas. She is constantly drawn to the beauty that surrounds her and the happiness she feels is reflected in the vibrant colours of her paintings.


A true art lover, Debbie has been influenced and inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Leonid Afremov, and Slava Ilyayev, among the many talented artists she admires. She is constantly in awe of and impressed by the artistic talent that surrounds her. She loves to travel to new and interesting places, visiting art galleries, and enjoys cooking for her beloved family.

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